The Poetic Ache of Deception

Bitter Sweet 

The cacophonous chatter,
of a not so secret love affair.
The quivering soul of its sinner,
the guilty emptiness of his stare;
as the affair unravels and death knell rises,
towards a marriage in demise.
Oh, hallowed ground of sorrow,
why is fate so shallow?
Enveloping its black, dark sadness,
into a suffocating madness.
Vultures in the dying heart business,
ready to profit from its ashes.
They say time will tell,
time will heal.
Maybe it will,
maybe it’s just spiel.
No longer the effervescence of suspense,
but  the bubbling cauldron of consequence.

*Yes, I have checked into the heartbreak hotel a time or two because of a a cheating spouse.  Only to check out and try again.  

Please enjoy the beautiful video below for its comforting and gentle words of hope.  Life is all about the ability to handle its disappointments and losses, enjoy its off setting gifts and to never, ever give up on it.

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  • YouTube video by Jumaha