On Getting Older

Getting Old Sucks!

Grey hair, achy bones,
vision and memory woes.
Feet a little wider,
teeth a little longer.
Battle of the bulge,
from an impulse to indulge.
Close friends fade away,
to a better place, they say.
Opinion and experience entombed,
Professor Google and Dr. Oz to resume.
Telephone calls reduced to a text,
 family get-together’s too often a nix.
Yet, in spite of all this,
I am happily sworn,
to a  long, active life to keep me warm.
Secure in the knowledge and with a little luck,
 everyone will experience how getting old sucks .**

Whoa…Wait A Minute

20150821_152405 (2)
John and Paulette getting hitched at age 65–going for the gusto!

**This maybe true if you’re a whiny baby,  but if you’re like the loving seniors kissing in the picture above or the fabulous senior in the video below, embracing the retirement dream is awesome.  

Keep moving.  Don’t waste this final opportunity to reinvent yourself!  Growing older is a gift that, sadly, many do not get to experience.  

Life is a sparkling diamond– a shiny lucky coin; yours for the keeping. Take exceptional care of this treasure; your health depends on it.



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