For A Better You

For those of you who haven’t started a daily regimen of walking, at least 1/2 hour per day; please, please start.   Soon, others might take your heed; exponentially from there more,  until the “network effect” takes over and the miracle of  a healthy and fit community becomes a reality.


Any great nation would eventually succumb if its populace grew out of shape, was riddled with disease, and fought degradation and denial from within.  Of course, there’s always hope for a universal epiphany, but that would depend solely on the healthy human condition; physically, mentally and spiritually.  So–begin the process with you, my friends: start walking; it takes but a crack to see the light.

A Simple Peace
The world could be a peaceful place,
if life committed to a simple pace.
Walk my friend, whenever you can;
 problems will diminish once you understand,
a healthy, vibrant you is just beyond the bend.
                                                                        p.o. martig
  1.  Google Image: Walking
  2. Feature Photo of Santa Monica beach by p.o.martig