Just A Dot

Definition of dot at Dictionary.com

1.) a small roundish mark made with or as if with a pen.
2.)  a minute or small spot on a surface; speck….

Definition of dot at wannathink.com

1.)  insignificant; as in too infinitesimal to be measured.
2.) next to nothing; as in meaningless.

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Ah, Heck

Just a dot;
that’s me,
can’t you see?
I’m not cool like a tree;
nor fuzzy like a bee.
I’m not a dog or a lamb;
nor a Sam or a ma’am.
I’m not ugly like a toad;
nor pretty like a bow.
I’m not smart like a doc;
nor dumb like a rock.
I’m not successful or rich;
nor poor or in a ditch.
I’m not a glass or a can;
nor a body with a tan.
Just a dot;
that’s me,
can’t you see?
Can’t  expect respect;
when you’re a whiny speck.
Ah, heck.




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