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My name is Paulette Martig and I am a retired administrator and former Bed & Breakfast owner.  Because of a fortuitous happenstance, a blog was born.

Although, not famous or important, nor have the remote pretense to be,  I do have an enthusiasm for the written word.  The focus of this blog is on my memories and experiences, enhanced with interesting facts, and a dash of embellishment for the fun of it.  Each post is similar to a chapter in a book.  They are whimsical and informative.  New posts will be rendered at least once a month if possible.

 My Mission Statement: 

Never give up. Write till you drop or get escorted off the page.


** I have secured no rights to any of the YouTube videos or Google images used, but  enjoyed them so much, I had to share their unique treasures with all of you.

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