Polly Poetically Put

 Late Night Princess-Morning Fairy Tale

I am a happily tethered, curly headed,  gauzy  shade of pale-
late night princess, morning fairy tale.
I live for today, and worry not a peep-
sing to my own music, dance to my own beat.
Working long and hard is my passion-
no matter the job, no matter the reason.
Hands are sore and hurt most of the time-
 bones crackle and snap like a Vegas chorus line.
But even if my valleys are forged and mountains climbed-
the dream of adventure is still so sublime.
Sadly, life is not perfect; children and family obscure-
carrying  their hellos and “toot- to- loos”  like armor to be sure.
But that’s OK, that’s all right; I love them anyway-
for they’ll grow up to hellos and “toot- to- loos” of their own  someday.
I am a happily tethered, curly headed, gauzy shade of pale–
Late night princess, morning fairy tale.
                                                                                                 – p.o. martig

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